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 The purpose of the Aquatic Therapy Internship is to expose the recently graduated aquatic therapist (or the student in the process of being certified) to the world of the private aquatic therapy clinic. We provide a real and practical laboratory experience where the graduate or student can practice the concepts and techniques learned at the Aquatic Therapy University. It is an excellent opportunity to experience the many facets of the private aquatic therapy clinic. The internship includes: hands-on learning, research, client management, and much more!    

 To apply, please contact us at or by calling 787-246-8261.

What previous interns think…

“Doing part of my required university practices at Float as a physical therapist-in-training has opened my eyes to what is possible in the water and has helped me discover its utility in working together with land therapy. I feel that next year, I will finish my double degree much more prepared and with the desire to continue learning about aquatic therapy. I am amazed by the benefits for all types of patients, especially for those with neurological pathology, which are the patients I want to work with in the future. I encourage all students in related fields to have this magnificent experience as I had it, because in addition to the professional knowledge I gained, I take with me a small Puerto Rican family. I just want to thank the Float team and all the patients who made my stay at Float something great.” - Elena Ruíz, student from the San Jorge University in Zaragoza, Spain