We offer a very personalized service and recommend our clients based on a strict evaluation process. Here are some examples of therapies used at FLOAT.


Kinaqua flow®

Is a gentle touch modality , which is costumized and combined during the application of craniosacral therapy applied in the water, amplifying the effect of energy releases in the body, adding the multi dimension of position and freedom in the water to manifest and release. It includes essential oils and quartzes.

BENEFITS include:

Improve total body alignement, balance, ease joint and soft tissue mobility and manage of psycoemotional processes. It also facilitates flexibility and elasticity through soft movements in water. This method is recommended for:

PTS, Hemiplegic Migraines, Distonia, Neurological ConditionsDepression and Cancer side effects.


Watsu combines Shiatsu (Japanese acupressure) and warm water to create a profoundly relaxing and therapeutic dance, in which clients experience integration of mind, body, emotions, and often, spiritual deepening. Being floated, cradled, rocked and stretched, the receiver effortlessly reconnects with prenatal bliss, floating free, flowing weightless through the water.

BENEFITS include:

Releases joint tension, calms the nervous system, stimulates neurological, physiological and emotional stress.
There is no need to be a swimmer and it's totally safe at any age.

Aqua yogi®

The AquaYogi program is well founded in practical and physiological understanding of the benefit of movement without gravity and progression protecting joints and muscles. AquaYogi is a conscious and intelligent way of moving while preserving body alignement, balance and breathing intelligently to achieve specific goals.

Motion is coordinated and controlled maximizing brain messages to the body, preventing speed injuries to affected tissue. The process has proven to enhance certainty of adequate movement and balance of the body facilitating equilibrium and self esteem of the participant.


From prevention of future injuries to spine alignment and toning. The Aqua Yogi method has demonstrated to improve quality of life of many with chronic conditions, allowingclients who have practiced it regularly to diminish pain, inflammation and medication.