Royal Self-Care

So often our minds race forward, dragging our bodies along for the ride. We forget that it is our bodies that hold our minds and like our cars, our homes, or our loved ones, our bodies need care too. Self-care has become a buzzword in 2019 and often looks like neglecting your responsibilities, putting on your favorite pajamas, and staying in with indulgent junk food. While it is important to live a balanced life and allow yourself to be happy, how often does your self-care leave you feeling full, nourished, and enjoying lasting benefits? At Float, we believe that true self-care is when we care for ourselves body, mind, and spirit.

In our hectic world of constant connection, it is easy to find yourself burning out. Office work and technology hunch your shoulders forward and strain your eyes, often with the expectation that you are ready to work whenever, wherever. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to unplug and immerse yourself in deep inner peace? Our Royal Treatment program offers exactly that: an immersion to care for your whole self: body, mind, and and spirit. The Royal Treatment Program (PTR en español) is a personalized wellness experience in which you can enjoy the best of our Float community and treat yourself to the serenity you deserve. Your wellness package includes a variety of our signature modalities, from AcuaYogi Method® classes to exclusive passive aquatic therapies and yoga, all to support your personalized health and wellness goals.

Float Aqua Wellness Center is an oasis of well-being and our Royal Treatment Program members enjoy total attention during their monthly immersions. We begin with a comprehensive evaluation appointment where we will discuss your medical history and goals. We will create a plan to optimize your health and wellbeing and work together to choose the services that work best for you. Any underlying conditions or problem areas you wish to focus on will be explored.

 Our therapists will work with you one-on-one. As always, you will receive the personalized attention and support that distinguishes us throughout your immersion. Therapies include: Float-exclusive passive therapies, exercise classes, yoga, meditation, and coaching, all while enjoying members-only benefits that include complimentary smoothies, snacks, and teas. Our members receive tailored services that can seek to bring lasting peace, health, and wellness.

If you are facing a major life transition, deciding to address a long-standing condition or simply desire to be healed fully and deeply, no money is better spent than that investing it in yourself. Our Royal Treatment Program is ideal for those battling cancer or in remission, individuals with anxiety, depression or chronic stress, those with fibromyalgia or other autoimmune conditions that amplify pain, and people seeking a holistic and spiritual community to advance their efforts.

While in the program, you may meet our longstanding member Ivette Sotomayor, after all, she says she wished to live at Float! Ivette arrived at Float looking for ways to mitigate acute pain after chemotherapy and said “[the] Royal Treatment Program restored the quality of life to my days. I hardly take anything for the pain and my energy and wellbeing cannot be explained with words.”

How often do your time and money return upon the investment? How much more could you do with a balanced body and calmer mind in this coming month? Consider investing in yourself and becoming part of a community that will help you learn to let stress…Float away.

Come visit us at 1768 Glasgow Avenue in San Juan and embrace the royalty you truly, wholly are.